"Successful People do what Unsuccessful People are Unwilling to do."

Is Your Organization:

  • Growing and Profitable?
  • Achieving the Desired Level of Success?
  • Developing Strong Customer Relationships?
  • Attracting the Top Talent?
  • In Harmony and Agreement with the Stated Vision and Strategic Direction?
  • Ranked in the Top 10% within Your Industry?
  • Managed by Timely Financial Information and Market Intelligence rather than by Intuition or "That's how we have always done it."?

Do You Have:

  • Strong Financial Returns? 
  • Efficient Use of Resources (including $$$)?
  • A Good Understanding of which Services / Products are the Most Profitable and exactly where all your Cash is Being Consumed?
  • A Strategic Business Plan that Details the Current State and Your Desired Future State of Your Business, the Gaps Between the Current and Future States and then Identifies the Specific Strategies and Actionable Plans to close the Gap?
  • Contingency Plans for Natural Disasters and/or major Market / Supply Disruptions?
  • Documented Processes and Procedures that provide guidance on "How we do Business"?
  • Effective Budgeting, Planning, and Tracking of Key Metrics to Promote Desirable Behaviors that Aligns and Drives the Organization towards its Strategic Objectives?   
  • Adequate Sales Pipeline to meet Future Operational Goals?
  • Timely Market and Competitor Intelligence?
  • High Employee Moral and Commitment?
  • Low Customer & Employee Turnover?
  • High Customer Loyalty?
  • A Solid Management Team and Building Strong Leadership Capacity?
  • A Culture of Innovation and Quality?
  • Diversity of Thought and Culture?
  • An Effective Board made up of Directors with the Competencies to Guide your Organization?
  • A Trusted Adviser to Provide Confidential, Unbiased Advice and Act as a Sounding Board?

If you answered "No" to any of these questions or have other vital questions, our experienced staff at Kansas City Consulting Group (KCCG) understands and can help you transform your organization as we have helped many others overcome the challenges and barriers to excellence in management.

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